November Camp

By Symfony Sweden

A Swedish PHP conference with its focus on Symfony

Stockholm, November 22nd

About November Camp

Symfony Sweden is hosting the first ever November Camp in lovely Stockholm on November 22nd.

Time & Location

We're holding the conference at the luxurious Hilton Slussen, on November 22nd 2013. We'll have a jam-packed schedule from 8–17, and after the conference we'll have an after party.

PHP and Symfony in harmony

The Swedish Symfony community is growing, and we're happy to welcome newcomers to Symfony. Even if you've never used Symfony before, you'll still get lots of excellent ideas out of the conference! And who knows, once you get a taste of Symfony, maybe you'll be looking at it for your next project?

A day of learning

November Camp is a single-track one-day conference. We'll bring you a carefully curated selection of talks from interesting speakers from both Sweden and abroad. And if you have something interesting to say, why not submit your talk to our Call for Papers?


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Time Title Speaker link
8:00 - 8:30 Registration    
8:30 - 8:40 Welcome    
8:40 - 9:25 Integrating Drupal 8 into Symfony2 Pierre-Henri Cumenge
9:25 - 9:40 Coffee    
9:40 - 10:25 Continuous integration Tobias Nyholm
10:25 - 11:10 ProTalking' your way into Open Source Michelle Sanver
11:10 - 11:55 Symfony, my favorite frontend framework Anders Antila
11:55 - 13:25 Lunch    
13:25 - 14:10 Running scalable and reliable Symfony2 application Ville Mattila
14:10 - 14:55 Monitoring your application Magnus Nordlander
15:00 - 15:45 Q&A Fabien Potencier
15:45 - 16:00 Coffee    
16:00 - 16:45 Spec BDD with PHPSpec 2 Kacper Gunia
16:45 - 17:30 PHP in large scale, global video and music services Yashar Moradbakhti
17:30 - 17:45 Some last words    
17:45 - After party    


Integrating Drupal 8 into Symfony2

by Pierre-Henri Cumenge

Drupal 8 is now introducing more and more Symfony2 components into its architecture. This will make it possible to use Symfony2 paradigms when building custom modules in Drupal 8. But what if you do not want to do that, and just include a standard Drupal 8 inside a Symfony2 project? I will show you how to do it in a step-by-step approach.

Pierre-Henri Cumenge, coming from a Mathematics background, decided at the end of his PhD to go full time into another interest of his: web development. He joined Theodo where he is currently architect and head of R&D. There he has been working with symfony 1, and Symfony2 from the early days of Symfony 2.0. He got specifically involved in integrating various applications into Symfony2 and now leads Theodo's R&D project Theodo Evolution whose aim is to make migrations of legacy PHP apps to Symfony2 fast and easy.

Q&A session

with Fabien Potencier

We will host a session with Fabien Potencier where he will answer questions from the audience. Fabien will join us via a video stream. Prepare and bring you best questions to this session.

Monitoring your application

by Magnus Nordlander

So, you've successfully launched your PHP application. Everything is working fine, but how can you make sure everything stays this way?

In this session we'll explore some different options for monitoring your PHP application, with a special focus on Symfony 2. We'll look at different solutions for logging, performance monitoring and collecting application statistics.

Magnus Nordlander works as a Symfony Consultant at Fervo. He has over 10 years experience with PHP, 6+ of which has been with Symfony, and he is a SensioLabs Certified Symfony Developer.

Continuous integration

by Tobias Nyholm

Are you nervous each time you deploy your application? Are you spending time solving merging conflicts? Is your code easy to maintain?

In this session we'll learn some best practices in software development. We will discuss branching strategies, different server instances, automated unit testing and code analysis. By utilizing continuous integration you can focus on developing.

Tobias Nyholm works as CTO at Happy Recruiting. He has studied effective software development the last 8 months and will soon explode if he does not get to share his knowledge in that area. Tobias has been working with Symfony since 2009.

Running scalable and reliable Symfony2 application (on AWS)

by Ville Mattila

Today, most web applications run on cloud infrastructure to provide high availability and easy scalability. Building applications for the cloud requires some special attention throughout the application lifecycle: architecture design, actual code writing phase as well as when the application is already deployed live. Symfony2 provides a good basis for any PHP application, but running a Symfony2 application successfully in cloud environment is not always straightforward.

ProTalking' your way into Open Source

by Michelle Sanver

So, you want to join the open source party, but you're not used to every man and his dog looking at your code. You keep putting it off, you don't know anyone involved in the project, you might be a burden...

If you want to get involved but keep talking yourself out of it, let me show you how to take that first step. I'll cover the mechanics of contributing, from saying hello and installing the project to selecting a bug, your first pull request and code review.

I recently joined my first open source project - ProTalk. Come along and let me ProTalk you into Open Source.

Spec BDD with PHPSpec 2

by Kacper Gunia

We are professionals and building high quality software is our day-to-day activity, but what actually quality means for us? And how tools can help us to drive our design, enable painless refactoring and finally deliver features that we have been asked for?

In this talk we'll dive into TDD and Spec BDD in PHP (and explain the difference between them). Our weapon of choice will be PHPSpec 2 - modern tool that helps us write high quality, testable and decoupled software.

Kacper Gunia is a Symfony Certified Developer working for SensioLabs UK in London. He is a huge believer in Agile methodologies and TDD/BDD practitioner with 5 years of experience with Symfony framework.

Symfony, my favorite frontend framework

by Anders Antila

Anders Antila is a full stack developer at Chas Visual Management and is currently working on, a business intelligence system built in Symfony. According to the stats in Oden he has logged over 5200 hours in Symfony since they released version 1.2.

PHP in large scale, global video and music services

by Yashar Moradbakhti

Having previously worked at Electronic Arts and Spotify, Yashar is currently the CTO of MTGX, where he handles the technology of big scale, PHP based products Viaplay and Radio.



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Meet us at the luxurious Hilton Slussen

The view from Hilton Slussen

Five minutes from Stockholm Central Station, with easy access by plane, train or subway, the Hilton Slussen is ideally located for our conference.

If you're travelling from outside Stockholm, you'll enjoy the Hilton Slussen's excellent rooms, its relaxing spa and the excellent location.

Guldgränd 8
104 65 Stockholm

Nearest subway station: Slussen